Tips to hire a wedding car service

Wedding car has to be as good and comfortable as your wedding gown says all. It is indeed true. Your big day can’t be a spoiler with a wrong choice of car. Thus we would like to share a few tips which will assist you in choosing the right wedding car.

  • Always prioritise the number of people who are going to board the wedding car so that you are very well aware of the pickup points and the type of car your need to use so that it will accommodate all of them.

  • Don’t underestimate the time slot when you hire the car service. Make sure that you inform them about the right time of pick up so that you have a hassle free ride to the venue. Ensure that nobody has to wait.

  • Know your plans and hire the needed cars for the wedding. If you need two separate car for the groom and the bride then book accordingly. Don’t compromise and end up with a mess.

  • Decide your route journey as early as possible. You can also prefer to go on a long journey with your groom before you choose to reach the venue. If there are any photo session that needs to be considered in a good location before wedding, all these things has to be informed prior.


  • Always go for a subtle coloured car for the wedding. Avoid choosing bright and darker shades which is going to spoil the entire look of the wedding plan. You can also choose according to your wedding colour theme and advice the hire services to match the ribbons and flowers as per the wedding theme.

  • Early bird is always safe. So never make any last minute plan of booking a car service because you may have to end up with what they give. Always make a prior booking so that you get to choose your car and also plan your wedding accordingly.

  • Think about the type and style of the car you would like to be driven to your wedding. You can go as per the classic vintage cars like Rolls Royce or your can stick on to the new cars such as Jaguars or Aston Martin. It all depends on your preference.

  • Make sure that the car that you choose is really comfortable for all of your riding and doesn’t spoil your wedding dress or hair. Thus, you should make sure that the wedding car is big enough to manage your wedding dress to be seated comfortably especially if it has a long train.

  • Give prominence to your budget, make sure that the care service comes within your budget and it fulfils all your needs.

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