The best places to visit on your London Day Tours

You have recently set foot in London just like I did a few years back. It is indeed big and busy place but it so much to offer and lot of attractions that will love London more than before. You just have to give yourself a day, book a chauffeur car for hire and set out to unleash the London Dreams. Below are the places that you have to visit.

  • Stonehenge:

This place cannot go from your list because it is one of the most craved for visitor’s place of choice. It is near and the trip is going to be worthy. The place has standing stones that are mysteriously standing strong without any support. It is cool to walk around these stones and click some amazing pictures for your scrapbook.


  • The City of Bath:

This would an amazing weekend off in London as the place is well known for the ancient Roman baths and it indeed a great tourist attraction. The City of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it also has many other places to look for like the beautiful Bath Abbey, little parks, gardens, and the symmetrical Georgian style based Royal Crescent and the pretty Pulteney Bridge crossing river Avon.


  • University Of Oxford:

A world famous University and a famous tourist spot which is a must visit place in London. There would be not even a single person who wouldn’t have heard of the University. This is an old and most well maintained and highly respected higher education institute. This place is enormous and beautiful that signifies the ancient architecture. You will be permitted to visit the colleges inside the campus, the shops and the beautiful church. The dining hall in the university looks like the Great Hall of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Movies.


  • Windsor Castle:

Windsor Castle is a royal treat for the visitors in London. The place is a royal residence where Henry I and the Queen still uses this till date. The Castle is so beautiful that the visitors love to come and spend time in amidst this royal serenity. The place also has ornate state Apartments, Gothic St. George’s Chapel and also checkout the exhibits in the Art Gallery. If you are privileged, then you also encounter the changing guard ceremony that takes place everyday outside the Horseshoe Cloister.


There are many other beautiful places that you can visit and the list is going to be very long. You can also explore new places and add them in your trip memories because it is London and it has lots to offer.


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